Scalable Vector Graphics :: Scaling SVG

This page contains some simple Scalable Vector graphics elements.

For a user's screen these elements are not over-wide. However, they are wider than an A4 page and will therefore need to be scaled to fit when printed.

Some browsers will scale to fit automatically and correctly, some do not scale by default and require manual intervention and some cannot use a low enough scale factor.

If you use print preview now you will notice that all the elements are clipped. Using a custom scale factor will bring all content into view.

With licensed ScriptX there are two solutions to this problem that will enable the developer to deliver a solution to the user that 'just works'.

Restart sample with ScriptX

The following svg has no containing div ...

Scalable Vector Graphics SVG

A box of text

This text is right aligned with the 1150 pixel wide box.

The following svg has a containing div ...

Scalable Vector Graphics SVG