Scalable Vector Graphics :: Scaling SVG

This page contains a frame with some simple Scalable Vector graphics elements.

For a user's screen these elements are not over-wide. However, they are wider than an A4 page and will therefore need to be scaled to fit when printed. Since IE 9 the minimum scale factor that IE will use when scaling a document to fit is 60%.

For A4 paper, the graphics on this page require a lower limit than this. With standard IE this page will not scale to fit to A4 paper automatically. To achieve a correct print out the user will be required to preview the print and then choose a scale that does fit.

If you use print preview now you will notice that all the elements are clipped. Using a custom scale factor will bring all content into view.

With licensed ScriptX there are two solutions to this problem that will enable the developer to deliver a solution to the user that 'just works'.

Restart sample with ScriptX