Advanced features for printing HTML

This page illustrates some advanced uses of ScriptX to print HTML.

  • Specify margins in script that override user defaults (large and in inches, e.g 1.5 inch top margin).
  • Specify the printing of background color & images even if the user default is to not print background colour.
  • Promptless printing is used.
  • The IFrame can be previewed (as well as printed) on its own.
  • The printing of another (html) document by downloading and printing in the background.
  • Waiting for the completion of print spooling and indication that printing is in progress is implemented in the script.
  • Internet Explorer's default printing User Interface is disabled (this is an advanced feature option).

Setting the required print attributes is easy:

function SetupPrint() {
    // set the print parameters we require                
    const p = MeadCo.ScriptX.Printing;
    p.header = "MeadCo's ScriptX Advanced printing 
    p.footer = "The de facto standard for advanced 
                    web-based printing";
    if ( MeadCo.Licensing.IsLicensed() ) {
        p.SetMarginMeasure(2); // margins in inches
        p.leftMargin = 0.75;
        p.topMargin = 1.5;
        p.rightMargin = 0.75;
        p.bottomMargin = 1.5;
        p.printBackground = true;
        // disable IE native printing UI
        p.disableUI = true; 
    else {
        // disable options when no license ...

Use the menu at the top of this page to try a print action.