A simple 'classic' sample

At this stage, this sample will work in Internet Explorer 11 and will fail in all other browsers with "ScriptX is not available or not licensed."

This sample uses the ScriptX.Add-on, jQuery and the MeadCoJS library to provide page printing and PDF document printing.

The MeadCoScriptXJS library is used as it provides benefits when transitioning to using both ScriptX.Addon and ScriptX.Services with the same javascript code. It isnt required, it just makes life a little easier. If you are not currently using the library, adding it to your code is simple.

The samples also use Bootstrap 3. This is retained for this sample; it has no impact on actual print code.

The code needs  MeadCoScriptXJS 1.5.6 or later to work correctly.

The default printer is : Unknown

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