Deploying a ScriptX client license

MeadCo Security Manager

MeadCo's Security Manager allows the ScriptX components to enable advanced features. In the absense of Security Manager and a valid license for the domain of the origin website advanced features that may perhaps be abused are unavailable.

ScriptX provides a range of very useful functionality for free but a license can enable these advanced features:

A license is always provided as file with the .mlf extension.

What it does

MeadCo's Security Manager Add-on For Internet Explorer downloads a license file, validates the file, provides UI to display the license to the user for them to approve of its use and if approved caches the license locally to improve performance on future use.

For full details please see the Guide to Security Manager.


To use Security Manager on a page requires that the required object is embedded on the page:

<!-- MeadCo Security Manager -->
<object id="secmgr" style="display:none"
 codebase="http://[your path here]/,3,0,4">
 <param name="GUID" value="{YOUR_LICENSE_GUID}" />
 <param name="Path" value=http://[your path here]/sxlic.mlf />
 <param name="Revision" value="{YOUR_LICENSE_REVISION}" />
 <param name="PerUser" value="true" />

The 'PerUser' parameter determines where a validated and accepted license is stored locally. If true (the default), then a valid and accepted license is stored in the user's registry it will be stored in the local machine registry. For the machine case and when protected mode is enabled in Internet Explorer, an elevation prompt will occur to enable this.

The values {YOUR_LICENSE_GUID} and {YOUR_LICENSE_REVISION} will be provided by MeadCo on purchase or update/renewal of a license.

Samples license

The advanced samples in this application require a license, obviously. Each page requiring a license will use the techniques described here: Install samples license